• This new game is a great way find the relationship between Hebrew and Maths as well as English.

    School Principal Rachel Alon

  • A new word game joins Scrabble. Using a Jewish numerical value for each letter, Gimatriks challenges Britains for the first time.

    Review of Gimatriks in the British publication Toy News

  • Board games requiring thinking have to exist. One such as Gimatriks has competition between participants as longed for, as well advising each other in a friendly manner.

    Dana Somberg: writer in the Maariv Newspaper

  • One must praise Miki's daring creativity and ability in the creation of Gimatriks.
    What better way is there to make a pensioner's dream come true.

    Danit Cohen Nitzan, A Board Member of Bank Hapoalim

  • Gimatriks creates two complementary abilities in the learning of language.
    First, to create a knowledge of the development of building a language and the use of the letters of the language in the building process.
    Hebrew pampers its users by eliminating vowel signs and giving a numbered value to each letter, a tradition not found in most other tongues.
    Gimatriks requires the use of both systems , one dependent on the other. and by doing this enlisting two separate lobes of the brain to work together. The game creates conditions that are creative and cooperative, with players advising each other.

    Prof. Zivia Walden, researcher : The Social Development of Languages