Michael (Miki) Herman and Gimatrik’s vision

Miki playing

  GIMATRIKS as quality time activity is an important part of our vision.

 After years of development, forming the game GIMATRIKS, based on feedback from many players, we understand that the game produces positive time sharing, during the global electronic screen communication era.

We all seek direct personal contact, sharing and fun, like at a family dinner, like a clan sitting around the fire.

Integration in creating equations and Numerology of other players, in addition required imagination, Planning and finding out personal calculations, creates a dynamic, unique quality time.

The cooperation requires respecting rules and wisdom of Numerology, makes the game a novel thinking game.

 GIMATRIKS encourages and enhances both the verbal creative thinking and mathematical thinking of all the participants, both individually and as a group game.

GIMATRIKS can be played around the table or outside, or in a class room. It can be played by a group of children, or adults, or mixed ages, as is natural in family gatherings.

Call me Miki.   Finally, congratulations , at 62, a pensioner (in Gematria, 62=”BEEN”), after more than two thousand years “GIMATRIKS” was the province of Numerology, I can make it available to everyone – Kids, families, educators, both in Israel and abroad, in Hebrew and in a foreign language, a physical tiles game and as a software application.

I was born in Jerusalem. My grandfather, Karl Israleson, An architect, contributed greatly to my development as an artist, and to my love to science and nature.

He was the first to challenge my imagination combining  wordplay and digits, as a young child.

In 1971 I became a student of industrial design, at the “Bezalel academy”.

During the volunteering activities, as a student, in 1974, being in charge of ART and CRAFTS  in a summer camps in Canada in  I revealed the youth, for the first time how to play dealing with letters and digits, in English and Hebrew, although only on pieces of paper. The response was a warm one.

  At “Bezalel” there was a seminar for educational games I attended. I tried to build a “GIMATRIKS” algorithm based on “BASIC ” one of the first computer languages, without good results.                                                                            

We had to present a game that will be “both”: language and mind, emotion and intellect, as well as competition and cooperation, a table game And celestial (BASIC), for children and for adults, alone but also in the group, both at home and in the field, both historical and contemporary, secular and religious, in Israel and abroad.

The project was  introduced on cardboard painted in acrylic, I wanted to call it “as-as” to protest the demands and I was doubtful of it’s success, but eventually ,to my surprise, the instructing professor pointed out the game, said it meets all the criteria and that it was a great idea! I decided to call it “GIMATRIKS” .

After graduation I worked (among other tasks) as a designer in a toy factory, where I had the opportunity to produce a first, modest small series of “GIMATRIKS” games, tiles made of  plastic foam, and found a way to patent it.

The plant was eventually shut down, and the game was put off because of “the dynamics of life.

I left Jerusalem, built our home and started a family at the country center, and became a marketing manager in firms for medical products.  Meanwhile, my children, my son and daughter, were both relocated abroad by the firms they work at, my wife and myself retired , having spare energy for quality time , which includes, in my case, (among other activities), volunteering at the elementary school where my wife and children were taught.

My ambition was to give the children “fishing-rods”, not “fish”, encouraging them to be able to believe in themselves and to think “outside the box”.

We did all sorts of fun projects, visit cards, a new design of their houses, a useful product, etc.   I consulted the principal of the school, wondering whether “GIMATRIKS” will be able to meet the requirements for promoting children and told her that the game is “both and both”…  She referred me to the professional literature, and I consulted with a youth psychologist, who taught me that there are other educational criteria than the list of criteria related to the mental and conceptual world of the child and “both and both”.

חברים משחקים

“GIMATRIKS” should contribute, at least in some of the following items: experience, tools and planning.

Cognition: verbal skills, logic, reasoning and decision making, troubleshooting.  Social: rules and framework, verbal communication, competitive environment, group work, cooperation, and observation.

Emotional: delayed gratification, learning from failures, self-discipline, emotional management, willpower and perseverance.

Thankfully, I saw that in spite the fact that “GIMATRIKS” was presented to the “computer generation”, there was a real thirst for direct human contact that”GIMATRIKS” allows and encourages.

I could leave the room after they started to play, to remind them that the bell called for the break – the kids in fifth grade or sixth grade, were reluctant to stop playing!  In conversations with them I learned that the criteria posted on”GIMATRIKS” have been fully met.

I had, unfortunately, only two boxes of old “GIMATRIKS”‘s production.  Since I have been asked, repeatedly, “where can I get the game, whether as a gift or for ourselves?”

Now that I am convinced of “GIMATRIKS” qualities, I want to reach all those who benefit the best of it. I am more than ready to invest both in promotion, enhancing and developing, based on insights and comments that surely will get by the game players.

In short, enjoy “GIMATRIKS”, and because it was” the secret of smart”, spread its idea and invite your friends to join the growing group of “GIMATRIKS” lovers.