"Gimatriks" is a novel "out of the box " game, both because it is an Israeli patented product, that combines and reveals the ancient wise secret of gimatria with riming games like scrabble. The gimatric equations are built from game tiles which include both letters and numbers, packed though, not in a fragile carton box but in a beautifully designed cloth bag, easy to take along and play anywhere. As said: "out of the box game indeed!"

Gimatriks equations example
  • Board games requiring thinking have to exist. One such as Gimatriks has competition between participants as longed for, as well advising each other in a friendly manner.

    Dana Somberg: writer in the Maariv Newspaper

  • One must praise Miki's daring creativity and ability in the creation of Gimatriks.
    What better way is there to make a pensioner's dream come true.

    Danit Cohen Nitzan, A Board Member of Bank Hapoalim

  • A new word game joins Scrabble. Using a Jewish numerical value for each letter, Gimatriks challenges Britains for the first time.

    Review of Gimatriks in the British publication Toy News

  • This new game is a great way find the relationship between Hebrew and Maths as well as English.

    School Principal Rachel Alon

Call me Miki.   Finally, congratulations , at 62, a pensioner (in Gematria, 62="BEEN"), after more than two thousand years "GIMATRIKS" was the province of Numerology, I can make it available to everyone – Kids, families, educators, both in Israel and abroad, in Hebrew and in a foreign language, a physical tiles game and as a software application.

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GIMATRIKS can also be purchased in the prestigious museum shops: Israel museum, Ha'aretz museum and Beit Ha'tfuzot.

Gimatriks Hebrew Version: 119 ILS

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Gimatriks English Version: 119 ILS

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